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Jazz, Noir and Literary Fiction with Emily St John Mandel

It’s close to midnight. I’ve sought refuge from the suffocating Florida humidity in the air-conditioned Starlight Diner on the outskirts of Sebastian, a small town north of Miami. From a booth way in the back comes a low murmur. It sets up a kind of rhythm with the patter of rain against the windows, a counterpoint to the clash of cutlery against glass from a hollow-eyed addict devouring his umpteenth dessert. I’m here to meet one of my favourite authors, literary writer Emily St. John Mandel. We’re discussing her brilliant novel The Lola Quartet and get a taste of her latest extraordinary work — Station Eleven.

Suspense and Southern Charm – Interview with Michael Hiebert

The first thing I notice is the scent of pine from the sun-warmed trees hugging the dilapidated house. Beneath the small wooden bridge, the local spring bubbles and skips. It should be beautiful out here, but Preacher Eli’s glare is alive with menace. He doesn’t need to say a word before I’m back in my car and heading to town for my meeting with Eli’s creator – the talented and prolific Canadian author Michael Hiebert.

Accidents and Military Brats with Robb Grindstaff

There are places in the Roman neighbourhood of Trastevere that are beautiful. Pizza Pazza, not far from the American University, isn’t one of them. Squeezed into a busy corner of the plaza, the crumbling ochre exterior and grimy cobblestones belie the pleasure of biting into a slice of true Italian pizza among the milling crowd of students and locals and a mellifluous mix of languages cut by the buzz of mopeds. I’m here with Robb Grindstaff, author of the very moving Carry Me Away.

Where Danger and Passion Collide – Interview with Rachel Amphlett

This week I’m in a far off country of violent history and exotic beauty, in a city over which looms the spires of an exquisite mosque. I’m in the old part of Istanbul, in a tiny electronics store owned by Mazhar Kadir and his young son. The din of traffic and nearby demolition is softened by the discordant instrumentals floating from the battery powered radio on the dusty counter. On a saucer in front of me are two cubes of glistening sugar and a glass of black Turkish tea. Secure in the knowledge that Mazhar will warn of imminent danger, I’m here to meet talented suspense writer Rachel Amphlett to discuss her latest release Before Nightfall. Join us, if you dare!

Between Two Landscapes with Evie Wyld

The door is shut against the night but outside wind whips around the old cottage and whistles through its cracks and crevices. Dog lays on his belly, ears alert to the noises beneath the wind, eyes twinkling in the glow of the small fire in the hearth. Jake has retreated upstairs, more comfortable with her thoughts than strange company, and I am here with her creator, the talented, award-winning writer, Evie Wyld. Join us as we chat about her latest novel All the Birds, Singing.

A Child Lost. A Lost Childhood – interview with Honey Brown

On this searing, wind-blown day, the diner is almost empty. There’s a TV set up on the counter, a pressed tin ceiling, and rock’n’roll dancers painted on the walls. It’s all a distraction from the police caravan camped across the road. Though I wanted to meet them, I’m kind of glad Billy and Adam aren’t here. Today, I’m meeting their creator, multi-award winning Australian author Honey Brown. Join me as we chat about Honey’s gripping soon-to-be released psychological suspense novel Through the Cracks.

An Anti-Hero in Post-Apocalyptic Atlanta with Alex Hughes

The muscled guy with tatts pretends he doesn’t see us as we enter the café though his shifty gaze sees all. Outside, anti-grav cars leave shadows on the nano-maintained roadway and a raggedy band of junkies lurks in the alley across the way. My guest assures me we are safe enough, so join me as I welcome a writer of Noir-Sci-fi, Alex Hughes.

Love, War and Suspense with Helene Young

The deck of the beach house is cracked by sun and softened by years of weather, and on the rail sit a couple of cawing seagulls, heads down as they eye off the goodies set out for my guest. Helene and I are delving into Half Moon Bay, but keep reading for a taste of her latest release…